News / Media 2015

25.03.2015 – Press release
EasyLan FODH: The pre-assembled FO cable for every environment

ZVK has expanded its range of pre-assembled fiber optic installation cables. The EasyLan brand now offers three versions of Fiber Optic Distribution Heads (FODHs) for different environments and budgets. There are distribution heads for IP20 up to IP67 waterproof, available for industrial and outdoor uses. With solutions in all price ranges and for widely different environmental conditions, the modular EasyLan FODH system is one of the most comprehensive systems on the market for pre-assembled fiber optic trunk cables.

Pre-assembled fiber optic cables significantly simplify installation: nothing needs to be spliced. The user simply pulls in the cables, removes the protective tube located at both ends and connects the fiber optic connector. EasyLan distribution heads can be easily attached via their grooves, e.g. mounted with no danger of rotation in the housing breakout of an EasyLan fiber optic patch panel. The cables are manufactured under the auspices of comprehensive quality management and assembled under laboratory conditions, and their attenuation values are correspondingly low. On request, ZVK provides cables together with OTDR measurement reports. Optimized production and logistics processes also minimize delivery times.

Cable-pulling conditions are decisive for the selection of the distribution head. The cast aluminum, waterproof FODH/1 is designed for industrial and outdoor applications up to IP67, including step-resistant corrugated hose. This makes trunk cables possible with up to 144 fibers and with tensile forces up to 500N.

Cables with the new FODH/2 head are particularly easy to install. The user simply opens the red clip and removes the protective tube. This aluminum distributor head can hold up to 144 fibers. The cables are suitable for most applications in the data center and backbone area. The plastic distribution head FODH/E, which is also new, allows particularly slim cables with a diameter of 28.5 mm to be employed. This eco solution holds up to 24 fibers.

Pre-assembled fiber optic cables used in the EasyLan FODH system are available in various qualities with 2 to 144 fibers and with all standard fiber types and connectors. For all variants, the lengths have either 0.9 mm standard LSOH fan-outs (fan-out: protection tube for the fibers) or Kevlar-reinforced 1.8-mm fan-outs for safe strain relief. The EasyLan FODH product lineup thus offers an extremely wide range of products in the market for pre-assembled fiber optic cable - without compromising safe and stress-free fiber guiding.

26.01.2015 - Press release
The EasyLan fixLink Extender lengthens data and connections cables without the need for tools

The new EasyLan fixLink Extender enables an installer or service technician to lengthen data cables and connection cables quickly without special tools. Even a direct connection of data cable and connection cable is possible. Today, the fixLink Extender is the most affordable Category 6A cable connection on the market and is ideal for quick maintenance work on-site at the customer’s.

The compact EasyLan fixLink-Extender from ZVK enables an installer to e.g. reactivate dormant lines and extend them to the next required connection. This means that the tight space in the cable duct is optimally used. The installer simply screws the Extender onto the end of the installed line in the duct or on the wall. Following successful installation, the extended cable can be used up to the maximum link length, even for 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission, and supports PoE+ (Power over Ethernet). If the user wishes to e.g. integrate a network camera or wifi access point into the network at a certain point at which no data socket is available, with the EasyLan fixLink Extender he can also connect the connecting cable directly to the installed cable.

The EasyLan fixLink Extender conforms to Category 6A ISO/IEC 11801 and is suitable for cable diameters of AWG 27 through AWG 22. It costs less than eight euros, which makes it the currently most affordable Cat. 6A cable connector on the market. The fixLink Extender is available effective immediately and, like other EasyLan patch components, can be obtained from numerous well-known suppliers. Detailed information can be found on